Krajne Museum – Negotin – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Krajne Museum from Negotin is composed of three parts: The Archaeological Museum, Stevan Mokranjac’s birth house and the Hajduk Veljko Museum.

The museum has initially functioned in a modest space. The museum objects are grouped into two classes. The first one contains objects of archeology, ethnology and natural collection and in the other department were documents and literature, photographs, images, and other material related to Negotin and Krajina. Until the mid-twentieth century, the museum did not have curators.

In 1952 the museum gets a new building in Dusan Jotić Trading Center. The space was much larger and the pieces of archeology could be placed properly. Exhibitions organized at the museum quickly increased revenue so that it was possible for the museum to expand in two buildings. The first one, in 1964/65, the birth place of Stevan Mokranjca. The second one, in 1997, in one of the most beautiful buildings in eastern Serbia (made of stone), the Todorčev konak, was opened The Museum of Hajduk Veljko.