Ethnographic Museum from Svinița – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Ethnograhic Museum is located inside the Genaral School (1st-8th grades) of Svinița.

Far from the urban settlements,  Svinița inhabitants keep and guard the local ethnographic elements. An example is the fleece bag which is the main item for transporting things on the back, is still in use, surviving some of the parts in the traditional costume.

Its existence is connected to the growing of cereals and raising domestic animals (that supply the necessary raw materials for making the bag).
The fleece bag is specific for romanians and serbians.

In the Ethnograhic Museum there are:

  • female folk costume – coșulea, laiber, halina, cotrențe, chitele, conci si bocine;- men folk costume – coșulea, gace, pos, laiber, bocine, căciula;
  • pigles (flatiron);
  • leleica – this was used by women to carry the children on their back when they go out to work the field.
  • the fleece bag specific for Svinița population – allow transport of heavy staff on a long distance – still used nowadays.
  • miner lamp
  • loom
  • traditional household items.