Ethnographic Museum “Doina&Teodor Grigore”, in Eșelnița – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

“Doina and Teodor Grigore” Ethnographic Museum is located in Eselnița, being the first private museum in Mehedinți County. There are over a thousand pieces of pottery, tools and costumes. Most of the objects and folk art items were donated by rural people from soth – west part of the county. The two owners created the museum because they wanted to save the traditions and the traditional crafts that have been abandoned or endangered.

In Eselnița, no.480, Ciresilor Street lays Grigore’s home. A dwelling transformed over the years by the owners in one of the most attractive cultural objectives in Eselnița and Danube Gorge area. A farmhouse that hides in all rooms, testimonies of the past in this part of the country. Those testimonies are talking about lifestyle and occupations of people who once lived on the Romanian bank of Danube. Even the “outhouse” has become a tourist attraction. Here you can see iron and wooden objects that were used in the fields, fishing or every household yard. These tools were used in carpentry, cooperage, blacksmithing, wool processing, cutting and woodworking tools, agriculture and many other objects and tools needed in processing milk.

Thousands of pieces and objects are gather in the house. An interesting pinacotheque, old photographs of nearly 100 years old…CHEESE dolls, paintings and an extraordinary collections of costumes from most of the country’s regions. There are also shoes collections, hats and cloth worn by Romanian over 100 years ago.
It is exhibited here, in good conditions, a peasant loom, which talks about the efforts of women in manufacturing garments until the modern society.