Art Museum of Drobeta Turnu Severin – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Art Museum is held in a building, monument of art, with a sumptuous interior, dating from 1890. The building is one of the most beautiful heritage building, located in the center of Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Museum dispalys values from the medieval art (Brancoveanu Style), 19th and 20th centuries, works by painters like: Aman, Grigorescu, Tomitza, Luchian, Pallady, Ressu, Petrascu, Iser, Tuculescu, Catargi, Chiata and many others. Sculptors works: Anghel, Irimescu, Medrea, Baraschi, Jalea.
Exhibitions signed by contemporary artists are periodically exhibited here.

After 1971, the building became the property of PCR ( Romanian Comunist Party), beeing the reidence of the couple Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. In 1990 the building entered in the heritage of Ministry of Culture .

The sumptous interiors and the rafinement gives it the allure of a palace. Decorations in Baroque Stucco and Art 1900, panel carved in oak with golde strips are completed by murals paitings, masaics of mirrors and stained. The surplus of wealth is given by the venetian crystal glass and the mirrors.

The monumental interior staircase and columns with composite capitals increase its greatness. Baroque chandeliers and 1900 Art, made of gilded bronze and crystal from Venice gives a strong artificial light. Warm and privacy is given by the baroque furniture, Louis XV and Louis XVI Style and by the italian tile stoves. The skylights with stained glass  from the upstairs bring more poetry and mystery to a place where the high spirits of the great Romanian artists meet through the museum collections.

Nearly a hundred works of the painter Ghiata enhance the artistic heritage of the museum.

It can be added the feminine segment of art by Rodica Maniu, Micahela Eleuteriade, Lucia Dem, Bălăcescu, Magdalena Rădulescu, Maragreta Sterian.
The museum collection has also sculptures in marble, stone, wood, bronze signed by Medrea Baraschi, Irimescu, Jalea, Borgo, Prund, Dorio Lazar, Lucaci.

Icons and religious decorative art, Brâncoveanu Art, tapestries and modern and contemporary decorative art are other areas that outline the real dimensions of the enchantment of the enchanting space.

In the museum couryard lies the statue of Constantin Anghel, a large world-class sculptor.

The Museum can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, between 09:00-18:00.