Saint Ana Monastery – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Saint Ana Monastery is located on the crest of Moșului Hill that dominates Orșova, one of the most beautiful natural places in our country. The monastic endowment is a monastery of nuns with a parish life, located in Orșova, Mehedinți County and it is dedicated to the Asleeping of St. Ana, celebrated each year in 25th of July.

Founded in 1924 by the known journalist Pamfil Şeicaru in the memory of the heroes of World War I, Sf. Ana Monastery was built between 1936 and 1939. This holy dwelling was dedicated only on the 2nd of December 1990.

The initial monastic complex was composed by a wooden church with elements belonging to the Romanian traditional style and cells on both sides, the complex having a “U” shape. In the last decade of the XXth century, it was built the belltower with summer altar and also a former assembly room for food attendance, the place where today functions the „Pamfil Şeicaru” Memorial Museum, a library and a tailor’s workshop.

The Monastery wasn’t holy dwelled immediately after the completion of the construction, being delayed by the start of the World War II and afterwards by the change of the politic regime.

The construction of the Monastery was preceded in 1935 by the construction of a 1,5 km causeway built through the forest, called the Heroes Road, that ascends from the location of the old town to the Mosului Hill. On the road’s sides there were 7 trinities and wooden rest benches sculpted from massive oak, in which there were dug inscriptions for each regiment that participated to the battles from Alion, Cerna and Orșova, in August-November 1916. The trinities deteriorated progressively and disappeared in the ’60.
The foundation of Pamfil Seicaru functioned until 1945, when the communist regime came and the monastery was transformed into a restaurant. The nuns’ sanctums were transformed into accommodation spaces and the church was transformed into a restaurant and a disco.

In 1990, Saint Ana Monastery was taken back by the rightful owner and it was given the correct mission. Therefore, on 02.12.1990, the Monastery was holy dedicated.

Except for Vodița Monastery that was rebuilt on the traces of the former one, Sf. Ana Monastery is the newest from Oltenia.