Mănăstirea Sfânta Ana – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Cultural Heritage Route

Name of the Touristic Attraction: Saint Ana Monastery

Location: in Orșova, Mehedinți County, at approximately 29 km from Drobeta Turnu Severin. Orșova can be reached from DN6 which connects Drobeta Turnu Severin to Timișoara and then following DN57 to Dubova.

Description: St. Ana Monastery is located in the Danube Defile, on the hill named “Dealul Moșului”, in Orşova. The monastery was founded by the interwar journalist Pamfil Şeicaru, who fought in Orșova area as lieutenant during the First World War. The decision to build a monastery in that place came to him in the autumn of 1916, when he was buried on “Dealul Moșului” with a comrade, after a bombshell explosion. Thus, the monastery is a symbol of gratitude to God for having survived and also for honoring the memory of the ones who died during the war. Later, in 1935, a road of 1.5km, called the “Road of Heroes” was built up on “Dealul Moșului”. This road is guarded by 7 wooden crosses and wooden benches meant to remind of the 7 regiments that participated in the battles of Alion, Cerna and Orșova. A year later, in 1936, the construction of the monastery began and lasted 3 years until 1939. The monastery is dedicated to Saint Ana, according to the name of the founder’s mother. The bishop of Banat at that time, however, refused to sanctify the monastery because it was built without the bishop’s permission and the place where the monastery was built, was not sanctified. In 1945, along with the arrival of the Communists, the building was transformed into a restaurant and disco, and the nuns’ chambers were accommodation rooms. But in 1990, the building was reestablished as monastery and was sanctified by the Vicar of the Metropolitan Church of Oltenia. The Monastery hosts The Pamfil Şeicaru Memorial Museum and a tailoring workshop.


Visiting Program: daily: 8.00-22.00

No visiting tax.

Appropriate clothing is recommended.

Information and Contact:

Contact: Tel. +40-252-361-99; +40-723-143-088

The Monastery is administered by the Metropolitan Church of Severin and Strehaia:

Phone: +4 0252 333 048, +4 0252 333 039,

E-mail: secretariat@episcopiaseverinului.ro

Website: www.episcopiaseverinului.ro

Route close to other Thematic Routes:

In Orșova you can also visit:

  1. Romano-Catholic Cathedral
  2. “Saint Nicholas” Church
  3. Iron Gates Region Museum, Orșova subsidiary

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Touristic Ofers:

  • There are boat trips and cruises on the Danube, from Orşova. Water sports and fishing can also be practiced here.

Other useful information:


“Apolodor” Hotel: phone: +40352 415 925

“Țaka” Pension: phone: +40252 360 335

“Damiro” Pension: phone: +40722 207 930

“Meridian” Hotel: phone: +40252 362 800

“Casa Noastră” Pension: phone: +40745 110 839

“Casa Verde” Pension: phone: +40744 954 191

“Cabana Plăpumioara” Pension: phone: +40762 695 892


– Mihai Eminescu Festival, January 15;

– The Celebrations Days of Orşova – 14-15 August,

– The Autumn Festival – in October,

– Contests for the Young people: The Danube Pearl Festival, The Iron Gates Trophy, and ROBOTOR International Robot Trophy.

GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.71177195, 22.398035038319044, elevation: 204 m