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Mănăstirea Mraconia – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Cultural Heritage Route

Name of the Touristic Attraction: Mraconia Monastery

Location: between Dubova and Eșelnița Communes, Mehedinți County. The Mraconia Monastery can be reached on the road which passes near the statue of Decebal, 15 km west from Orşova. The monastery is on the left bank of the Danube. In that place, the Danube forms the most beautiful gorge from all over its course, a gorge that stretches between Orşova and Moldova Nouă.

Description: Mraconia Monastery was built on the same place of an old spot of observation and guidance of the vessels on the Danube, which was built due to the relief architecture, that because of the narrowness of the gorge, did not allow the passage of two vessels in the same time. The place where this monastery was built was named “at the balloon”, due to the fact that there was located the point of observation. Mraconia Monastery is also known as „The Monastery of the Danube Valley” or „The Monastery from Ogradena Veche”. The translation of the word “mraconia” would be “the hidden place” or “the dark water”. Mraconia Monastery passed through time, facing all the history hostilities, starting with the desolation of the invaders, to foreign domination, ending with being swallowed up by the water. Today there is a new monastery also called Mraconia, replacing the old one and built in the same place. The original monastery was built in 1523 by the border region governor of Caransebes and Lugoj, Nicola Gârlişteanu and was under the jurisdiction of the Vârşeţ Episcopate. It was dedicated to St. Prophet Elijah. Some documents attest that Mraconia monastery had existed since the mid-15th century. Legends say that it was founded in 1453 and rebuilt after 1800, since it was destroyed during the Russian-Austro-Turkish war between 1787 and 1792. In 1823, in the ruins of the monastery, was found the seal of the old place with the Slavonic inscription: „Peceat Lubostinie Hram Uspenia Presvistaia Bogaraditi Leto 1735.” In 1853, another discovery was made: an icon of the Virgin Mary was found under the ruins of the monastery, that later was brought to an exhibition in Vienna. It was demolished again in 1968. The locals say the prayers that are said here bring good luck to the faithful ones all year long.

Information and Contact:

The church is administered by the Episcopate of Severin and Strehaia:

Phone: +4 0252 333 048, 0252 333 039

E-mail: ,



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  • Danube Gorges
  • Ponicova Cave
  • Veterani Cave
  • Decebal Statue
  • Iron Gates Natural Park
  • Orșova City
  • Eșelnița Commune
  • Svinița Commune

Touristic Ofers:

  • In the area there are hiking routes in the Iron Gates Natural Park and boat trips on the Danube

Other useful information:


  • “Sons of the Village ” Feast – 9th September, in Dubova
  • “Nedeie” – 8th September, in Dubova


Dubova Pension, phone: +40747 094 173

Decebal Pension, phone: +40747 808 585

Casa Camelia Pension: phone: +40748 925 044

“Cazanele Dunării” Pension, phone:+40757 959 134

„Casa Elvina” Pension: Dubova, phone: +40753 060 454

„Casa cu Zorele” Pension, phone: +40722 299 284

„Vila Hercules” Pension, phone: +40748 330 162

 GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.6373997, 22.29365699999994, elevation: 32 m