Bukovo Monastery – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: The cultural heritage route

Name of the attraction: Bukovo Monastery

Location: Negotin, municipality of Negotin, Bor district, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia. The Monastery is located three kilometers north-west from Negotin.

Description: At the time when the Ottoman ruled, one of the most important monasteries in Krajina was Bukovo Monastery, dedicated to St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker. The existence of the monastery is recorded in documents from the second half of the 16th century, which clearly indicates its earlier establishment. According to its architectural and style characteristics, the nave and the semi-rounded ceiling, without a dome, the monastery church of St. Nicholas is similar to the moravian building style which is characteristic for the period of the Serbian Despot reign (15th century). There are three layers of painting in the frescoes of the church. The first one was made during the founding of the monastery and today  the only preserved fresco is the one of the Mother of God, made broader than the one representing Heavens. Written sources from 1654 mention that during the time of Prior Michael Decanac, the second layer was painted, due to the patron Prince Simeon from the village of Trnjane. The third layer of frescoes was created in 1902 according to the designs of Steva Todorovic, an academic painter from Belgrade. The frescoes were painted by Milisav Markovic, a painter from Knjazevac. The treasury of the monastery keeps four icons from 1837: the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Virgin Mary and the Christ as a Child, St. John the Baptist and St. Nicholas, as well as 24 osculation icons on the tin plates dating from 1887, the work of Pavle Cortanovic, a painter from Novi Sad.

Legend/ Story/ Impressions/ Recommendations: There are three legends about the founder of the monastery. According to one of them, Bukovo Monastery is endowment of King Milutin at the end of the 13th century; according to a second one, St. Nicodemus Tasmanian, when relinquishing in the areas of Timok region, had built Bukovo Monastery and two others: Vratna and Manastirica; according to the third legend, the founder and patron of Bukovo Monastery was one of the aristocracy from the Timok region and it dates back in the 15th century. During its history, the monastery has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt.

There are several stories on how the monastery was named. According to one of them, the monastery was named after the beech forest surrounding the it; according to another story, its name comes from the aquatic birds “buka”, which used to inhabit the area of Negotin swamp, before it had been drained. One of the assumptions is that the name could also originate from the monastery Bugova near Bitola, giving the fact that it has a similar position, in a beech forest (beech = bukva in Serbian).

Conditions: the monastery can be reached on foot, by bike, by car or by bus.

Information and contacts:


Bukovo Monastery

Address: Bukovski put bb, Negotin, Serbia.

Tel: +381 19 543 460

Web: www.manastirbukovo.org

E-mail: manastirbukovo@gmail.com

Route close to other thematic route: Near the Bukovo monastery there are: three kilometers away the central building of the Museum of Krajina, The Memorial House of Stevan Mokranjac, The Museum of Haiduk Veljko, The old church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin, The Holy Trinity Church, the powder mill (the only remnant of the fortress Baba Finka). 25 km away from Negotin there is the archaeological site Vrelo-Sarkamen, 40 km away, there is Vratna Monastery and about 20 km, there are the wine cellars of Rajac and Rogljevo.

Other useful information: the area of the municipality Negotin is linked by a whole range of transport network with the Danube and Corridor 10 and international border crossings with Romania and Bulgaria.  

Via Djerdap main road, this area is linked to regional roads: Negotin-Donji Milanovac and Negotin-Kladovo. The network and the quality of the local roads at the territory of Negotin municipality is at satisfactory level.

One can reach Negotin from Belgrade via the international road E 75, through Paracin (300 km), Smederevo, Pozarevac and Majdanpek (290 km), or via the Danube main road, through  Donji Milanovac (250 km). The distance from Nis is 150 km, from Zajecar-57km. The nearest town is Vidin in Bulgaria-55 km and the nearest city from Romania is Turnu Severin 80 kilometers.

GPS coordinates: lat, long: 44.216051, 22.492965