Baia de Aramă Monastery – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Baia de Arama Monastery is located in the North-West part of Oltenia, on Mehedinți Plateau, in the town with the same name.

The Patron of the monastery is Saint Voivodes Michael and Gabriel (celebrated on the 8th of November).

The simple architecture of the church combines the style of Matei Basarab’s Age (characterized by imposing construction, with the steeple on the transept, by circular brick columns and steeple’s stair on the northern wall) with Brâncoveanu Style of the XVIIIth century, the freshness being given by the hallway supported on colomns in arch shape and also by the sculpted iconostasis.

In accordance with the local tradition, the old monastic sanctuary (that was initially a monk monastery) was founded around 1400, from Monk Nicodim’s times, having a wooden church.

The existing construction is built on the wooden church’s basement at the end of XVII-th century, at the incentive of Constantin Brâncoveanu who in 1695 approves and supports the construction of a sanctuary. The construction starts later, in 1699 and ends in 1703, when the church is also sanctified. The painting of the sanctuary is done by the famous painter Neagoe and the hieromonk Partenie from Tismana.

The monastery started the activity in 1703. It was first a hermitage and afterwards, untill 1718, the sanctuary was dedicated to Hilandar Monastery from Athos Mountain.

The fact that was constantly under the governance of the Greek or Serbian priors, Baia de Aramă Monastery was a center of intercultural spiritual interferences, thereby taking place a wealthy exchange of cultural and religious experiences.
From the old hermitage remained only the abbot, that became the priest’s house and the church. The wall cells that were located in the hill’s side were distroyed in time, although in 1890 they were still inhabited.

In 2008, on 29th of January it was approved the re-foundation of the Saint Voivodes Michael and Gabriel Monastery in Baia de Aramă as a nuns monastery, under the jurisdiction of Severin and Strehaia Episcopate.