Polenta and cheese on the grill – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Recipe for: 4-6 persons

Ingredients: In order to make a good polenta, it is necessary to have a good and clean corn flour from a water mill. When you prepare the scale is three for one (3 cups of water and 1 cup of flour).
Miroc cheese

Method of Preparation:
Polenta: Put 3 cups of water in the pot to boil. After that, a pinch of salt (or spoon) is added. When all this is done, the temperature is reduced to a minimum and one cup of corn flour is mixed with constant stirring. polenta is finished when the whole mass rejoins and becomes thick. Turn the pan upside down on the plate and serve it. While baking polenta, it is recommended to use a wooden spoon, due to the oxidation of a metal spoon.

Miroc cheese (cheese on the grill): Miroc cheese is kept as fresh, full fat and semihard cheese. Since it is fresh, it has a sweet note, because milk bacteria do not break down sugars. Process of preparing is in a way very similar to the process for preparing fresh white cheese, with an extremely important addition to short cooking in their own whey.

Special tips: A little book can be written about how this cheese can be eaten. It is also excellent in the original state, when the term “squeaky” describe it. Those who eat it like that, are delighted with his texture and a very unusual, interesting way in which he acts in the mouth. However, grilling is his biggest strength, and he is acting significantly different from most cheeses for grill in Serbian restaurants.This is an old combination of dishes prepared in the villages of the Bor District.

Where to eat: You can order this meal in many restaurants around Donji Milanovac.

Serve with: Red wine