Lepenski Vir Museum – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: The Cultural Heritage Route

Name of the attraction: Lepenski Vir Museum

Location: Village Boljetin, Donji Milanovac, Municipality Majdanpek, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia. Lepenski Vir is located in upper part of the Iron Gate Gorge, on the right bank of the river Danube. It is placed near the main road Belgrade – Pozarevac – Donji Milanovac – Kladovo, about 15 km away from Donji Milanovac

Description: Lepenski Vir represents a unique European prehistorical culture from the Mesolithic and Neolithic period. The first settlement was established around 6300 B.C. and it is considered one of the oldest organized human settlement on open air in Europe. Beside the interesting architecture, the most recognizable objects discovered at Lepenski Vir, are the monumental stone sculptures which were probably connected to the religion of the people living at that time. Lepenski Vir lasted for almost 2000 years and during this period, they passed from Mesolithic to Neolithic culture.

Legend/ Story/ Impression/ Recommendation: Lepenski Vir was discovered during large excavation works between 1965 and 1970, just before the hydroelectric power plant Djerdap I was finished and the whole area was about to be flooded. Before the flooding, archaeological site was replaced 100 meters upstream and 30 meters higher than original location.

Conditions: New modern construction of visitors centre Lepenski Vir was built in the year 2011. The parking lot is 100 m from the main road, but after that the visitors have to walk 400 m along the asphalted path to reach the site.

Information and Contact: Lepenski vir is closed only in February and on Christmas. Working hours are changing as follows:

January: 10,00 – 15,00

March: 09,00 – 17,00

April: 09,00 – 19,00

May: 09,00 – 20,00

June: 09,00 – 20,00

July: 09,00 – 20,00

August: 09,00 – 20,00

September: 09,00 – 19,00

October: 09,00 – 18,00

November: 09,00 – 17,00

December: 10,00 – 15,00

Entrance fee is:

Individual ticket: 450 dinars

Group ticket: 350 dinars

Children’s ticket: 250 dinars


tel.+381(0)30501501; +381(0)30501389

e-mail: office@lepenski-vir.rs; info@lepenski-vir.rs

web site:  www.lepenski-vir.rs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lepenski.Vir/

Trip Advisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g7119538-d2708337-Reviews-Lepenski_Vir-Boljetin_Central_Serbia.html

Route near to other thematic tourist routes: In the surrounding area there is The National Park Djerdap, EuroVelo 6 cycling route, hiking routes and fishing places.

Other useful information: Lepenski Vir Museum can be reached through the main road Belgrade – Pozarevac – Donji Milanovac by car, by bus, cycling on foot. Bus station is 1 km away from the archeological site.

GPS coordinates: lat, long: 44.556518, 22.026534