Kovilovo – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Hiking route

Name of the attraction: Kovilovo

Location: National Park Djerdap, Municipality Majdanpek, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Repulic of Serbia.

Description: From the main road (Donji Milanovac – Belgrade), the route turns to the road to Majdanpek via Oman and on its right side there is a sign leading to the sightseeing point Kovilovo. There is a marked walkway, easily accessible to this beautiful viewpoint. Kovilovo is at 358 m above the sea level, with a view towards Donji Milanovac valey, Treskavac (Lepenski Vir), Greben, Glavica, Golubinje and Romania.

Legend / Story / Impression / Recommendation: This hiking path is among the easiest ones in The National Park Djerdap with an average slope of 3%.

Conditions: The viewpoint Kovilovo can easily be reached by walking along the path which is 1,2 km long.

Information and contacts:

To have an official escort of the National Park rangers, it is obligatory to announce every visit to The National Park Authority at least three days earlier.


National Park Iron Gate Donji Milanovac:


e-mail: office@npdjerdap.org

web site:  www.turizam.npdjerdap.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/npdjerdap/about/?ref=page_internal

Route near to other thematic tourist routes:

In the National Park Djerdap other viewpoints and hiking paths which are close to this one can be visited. Also in surrounding area there is Lepenski Vir Museum, hunting areas, and interesting enduro paths.

Other useful information:

In Donji Milanovac there are hotels and private accommodation and in the restaurants, one can try local specialities.

GPS coordinates: lat, long: 44.483688, 22.074220