Stuffed Chicken – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Recipe for: 4-6 persons

Ingredients: one whole chicken, cleaned and boiled, 2 onions, 1 normal bread soaked in milk and squeezed, 3 boiled and minced eggs, 1 raw egg, chopped parsley, salt according to taste, oil

Method of Preparation: The onion is chopped and browned in a little bit of oil. In a bowl are mixed the bread soaked in milk, the boiled eggs, the raw egg, the parsley and the salt according to taste. The browned onion is added and after that the composition is mixed until complete homogenization. The chicken legs are cut from the rest of the body. The chicken is stuffed with the composition made above; the legs are put in the cut made so that the composition won’t spread in the tray. The chicken is anointed with oil or with grease, is stung with the fork here and there and is put into the oven until it roasts.

Where to eat: It”s a speciality made by the housewives for certain holidays and can be found also in some restaurants along the Danube, especially in Eșelința.

Serve with: White wine