“Vratna” PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade Hunting Ground – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

Name of the touristic attraction: “Vratna” PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade Hunting ground

Location: “Vratna”hunting ground is located in the southeastern part of the mountain Miroč, west of the settlement Vratna, 38 km from Negotin in the Bor District. “Vratna” hunting ground is managed by the Public Enterprise “Srbijašume” Belgrade – FF “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Management Negotin, with its headquarters in Generala Gambeta No. 2.

Description: The hunting ground “Vratna” in the municipality of Negotin includes a natural rarity – Canyon of the Vratna River. The hunting ground belongs to the hilly hunting ground. The highest point is at 360 m above sea level, to the so-called “Kornjetu”, and the lowest is at the exit of the river with the same name, from the hunting ground. The hunting ground “Vratna”, with an area of ​​1 312 ha, lies at an altitude of 158 up to 365 meters. It is 260 km southeast of Belgrade, in Bor District. It is 210 km away from Paracin and 70 km from Donji Milanovac. Within the hunting zone there is a fenced area of ​​300 ha. Hunting ground “Vratna” was founded in 1965 with the aim of breeding mouflon and deer with paddles (dama dama). In the hunting ground “Vratna” are organized hunting parties for game and wild boar. It is the only hunting area that is mostly open.

Information and contact:
PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade-Forest farm “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Adminstration Negotin:
Phone of the Forest Administration Negotin: phone: +381 19 548 088
Head of hunting, fishing and other resources: Tomislav Kuljanin: Phone: +381 64 856 3 381
Hunting officer: Slobodan Puač: Phone: + 381 64 815 5 138
E-mail: tsumeza@open.telekom.rs

Route close to other thematic routes:
-Vratnjanske Gates
-Canyon of the River Vratna
-Vratna Monastery
-Jabuča River

Other useful information:
The hunting ground “Vratna”, with the Vratnjanske Gates and the river Vratna Canyon, a geomorphological monument of nature, belongs to the third protection zone of the National Park “Djerdap”.