“Zlotske šume – Crni vrh” PE “Srbijašume” Hunting Ground – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

Name of the touristic attraction: “Zlotske šume – Crni vrh” PE “Srbijašume” Hunting Ground

Location: The hunting ground “Zlotske šume-Crni vrh” engages the eastern part of the massive South Kučaj. It is located in the Bor district, 40 kilometers away from Bor, and 250 km away from Belgrade. The hunting ground lies at an altitude of 400 up to 1 175 meters and belongs to the mountainous type of the hunting areas. The “Zlotske šume-Crni vrh” hunting ground is managed by the Public Institution “Srbijašume” Belgrade – Timok forests “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Administration Bor, with its headquarters in Boška Buhe Street, number 10, Bor 19 210.

Description: The hunting ground “Zlotske šume-Crni vrh” extends over a surface of ​​more than 15,000 hectares (15,447 hectares) of the mountainous area. The most famous fenced riverbed is “Dubašnica”. The hunting ground on Dubašnica is divided into two parts. A part of the closed hunting ground, 35 km away from Bor, covers an area of ​​800 ha. On the hunting ground live mouflons, deer with paddle (dama dama) and European deer, which is an indigenous species in this region. In the open part of the hunting ground it is possible to hunt black goat, wild boar and deer.
In “Zlotske šume-Crni vrh”, numerous throats of high trophic value were removed.

Information and contact:
PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade-FF “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Administration Bor
Forestry Management Bodies Bor:
+381 30 458 265
+381 30 426 990
+381 30 421 599
website: www.srbijasume.rs

Route close to other thematic routes:
With the remark that in the hunting ground “Zlotske šume-Crni vrh” there is a famous gorge- Lazareva, other tourist routes are distinguished:

-Banjsko Polje
-Bor Lake
-Stol Mountain
-Crni Vrh Mountain

Other useful information:
To keep an eye on the famous hunting ground in the vicinity of Bor, there are numerous well-organized hunting trails with signs on the edge of Lazarevo gorge, built and renewed hunting checks, deer and wildlife solitaire feeders. Through this hunting area, where there are also big and small game, passes the asphalted road Borsko jezero – Dubašnica with a length of 16 km, and the hunting area is strewn with roads, so it is easily accessible. Hunting lodge “Dubašnica” has a  capacity of 4 beds and it is located on the hunting ground, Zlotske šume-Crni vrh.
In PE “Srbijašume” accommodation facilities of hunters in terms of design, furnishing and manner of providing services are harmonized, or are in the process of complying with the Law on Tourism (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 36/2009 and 88/2010) and Rulebook on minimum technical conditions for the construction, arrangement and equipping of hunting-tourist facilities and standards, conditions and manner of providing and using hunting tourism services (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 56/2011).