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Hunting area “Deli Jovan” PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

Name of the touristic attraction: Hunting area “Deli Jovan” PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade

Location: Hunting ground “Deli Jovan” is located in the southeastern part of the mountain Deli Jovan, at 25 km from Negotin, along the Sikole-Popovica-Plavna line in the Bor District. The hunting ground “Deli Jovan” is managed by The Public Institution “Srbijašume” Belgrade – FF “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Administration Negotin, with its headquarters on Generala Gambeta Street, No. 2.

Description: Near the Danube River, between Donji Milanovac and Negotin, 260 kilometers away from Belgrade, in the Bor District, there is a famous hunting ground named “Deli Jovan”, placed 70 km away from Donji Milanovac. It is a typical hilly area of ​​13 152 ha that extends at an altitude of 700 to 1 150 meters. The constantly cultivated species of wildlife in this hunting ground are deer,  hind and wild boar.

Information and contact:
PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade-Forest farm “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Administration Negotin
Phone of the Forest Administration Negotin: +381 19 548 088
Head of hunting, fishing and other resources: Tomislav Kuljanin: Phone: +381 64 856 3 381
Hunting officer: Slobodan Puač: Phone: + 381 64 815 5 138

Route close to other thematic routes:
-Deli Jovan – mountain in the east of Serbia, near Negotin and Bor with the most attractive peak Crni vrh, at an altitude of 1 141 meters
-Rajačke Wineries
-Stevanske Meadow

Other useful information:
Near the hunting ground “Deli Jovan”, at the exit of Sikole Village, there is a museum of wooden exhibits and a wooden ZOO garden.