Hunting ground “Alija” PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

Name of the touristic attraction: Hunting ground “Alija” PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade

Location: Hunting ground “Alija” is located in Negotin Municipality, in the administrative district Bor. The hunting ground “Alija” is managed by the Public Institution “Srbija šume” Belgrade – FF “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Administration Negotin, with its headquarters on Generala Gambeta Street, No. 2.

Description: In the forest region of Negotin municipality called “Alija” there is a hunting reserve covering an area of ​​2,000 hectares. On one part of the fenced wire, and we are talking about 300  hectars, there are several hundreds of unique deer with paddles (dama dama), carved. The hunting of this game is a real attraction for the domestic and foreign hunters. The hunting ground “Alija”, which spreads, in one move, on beautiful landscapes of mountain terrains towards the village of Mokranje, about ten kilometers away from Negotin, is an interesting place both for hunters from the country and for the ones from abroad, because in this area, except for the deer with paddles (dama dama) and for the mouflons, in the unused portion of the reservation, there are organized seasonal hunting for deer and wild boars. In this hunting area there is the throat trophy -deer throat over 190 CIC points, as well as trophies of mouflons over 208 CIC points. The hunting ground “Alija” is located 260 km southeast from Belgrade, in Bor District, 185 km from Paracin and 70 km from Zajecar. It extends at an altitude of 118 up to 296 meters.

Information and contact:
PE “Srbijašume” Belgrade-Forest farm “Timočke šume” Boljevac – Forest Administration Negotin
Phone: +381 19 548 088
Head of hunting, fishing and other resources: Tomislav Kuljanin: Phone: +381 64 856 3 381
Hunting officer: Slobodan Puač: Phone: + 381 64 815 5 138

Close close to other thematic routes:
-Mokranjske Stene
-Rogljevačke, Rajačke, Smedovačke Wineries
-Timok River

Other useful information:
The Hunting ground “Alija” is a famous European hive center and the most frequent guests are hunters from Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania and other EU countries. The whole area is also known as vineyard, making it even more attractive for all random and intentional visitors.