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Fetislam Fortress – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: The cultural heritage route

Name of the attraction: Fetislam Fortress

Location:  Kladovo, Municipality Kladovo, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia.

Description: Fetislam Fortress (FEHT-UL-ISLAM, The Gate of Peace) was founded by Sulejman the Great, in 1524 (the fortress was expanded on many occasions). The town covers an area of 5 acres and it is surrounded by 20-30 meters wide trenches. The fortress is made of two separate elements, the Small and the Big Town, which differ in their basic conceptions and in their fortifying properties. The Small Town is an artillery base: square shaped (90×30 meters), protected by a tall wall with round towers on the corners and artillery posts. Beneath the wall there used to be a trench with two bridges that could be lifted. There was also a third gate, close to the Danube, used for evacuation from the fort, if needed. The Big Town was built by the Turks, at the time when the worn-out Turkish army had to defend their territories. Above the gates there used to be marble plaques with words of praise for the sultan Sulejman II.

Information and Contact:

The Touristic Organization of Kladovo

Phone: 030 801690



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GPS Coordinates:  44.615492°N 22.602286°E