Cuțui’s “Cula” (Cuțui’s Fortified House) – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Cultural Heritage Route

Name of the Touristic Attraction: Cuțui’s “Cula” (Cuțui’s Fortified House)

Location: in Broșteni Commune, Mehedinți County.  Broșteni Commune is at 47 km from Drobeta Turnu Severin. Here you can get from Drobeta Turnu Severin, on DJ607A to Motru.

Legend / Story / Impressions / Recommendation: Cuțui’s “Cula” is a historical monument located on the territory of Broşteni village, Broşteni Commune. The building was built in 1815 in the Motru meadow by a soldier (Romanian-pandur) from Tudor Vladimirescu’s army, named Ghiţă Cuţui and his son Constantin. The place keeps alive the memory of the tragic destiny of Captain Cutui’s young wife, who was kidnapped by the Turkish of Ada-Kaleh, who were devastating the west part of Oltenia at the time. The building degraded during the First World War, and after 1916 it was abandoned. After 1954 Cuţui Cula was a ruine until 1963, and in 1990 it was recovered by its owners, but they abandoned it later. Until 1990, an ethnographic museum functioned in this building.

Information and Contact:

Cuțui’s Cula is located in the administrative territory of Broşteni Commune:

City-Hall: phone: +4 0252-383020

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GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.760206, 22.980386599999974, elevation: 177 m