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Steroid Al
Cruise on the Danube – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Danube can be a great attraction for the tourists coming to the area, especially the boilers, in fact the entire gorge is the most spectacular. Such a trip can be spectacular and remains an unforgetable event.

The route is about 8.5 km, average time is about 2 hours. Capacity boat 10 to 14 seats.

Route and attractions: Small Boilers (3.6 km long), where you can see: the face of Dacian king Decebal carved in rock, Tabula Traina and Mraconia Monastery, then craft crosses Dubova basin, which has the form of a semicircular bay layout and enter into the most spectacular part of the gorge, Large Boilers (3.8 km long).

In this part of the gorge we can visit the Veterans Grotto (here a guide, representative of the Iron Gates Natural Park, will explain in detail the history of the cave, price 4 lei/person), known in ancient times as enshrined Dacian sanctuary of the god Zamolxis and approx. 500 m upstream we enter Ponicova Cave.

Boats are near theDecebal face exactly under the bridge across the Danube arm. The way we spend our free time is key of an unforgetable holiday.

The price is 30 lei (romanian RON)/person.

Cruises on the Danube Boilers – 25 lei/person – departure from Decebal statue, Small Boilers, Mraconia Monastery, Dubova Bay, Large Boilers, Ponicova Cvae,Veteran Grotto, duration 1.30 min.

Visiting Ponicova Cave on water or land or vice versa – 10 lei / person, Ponicova Cave has a length of 2.4 km with three galleries, two of them visitable access is guided and takes 1.30 min.

Climbing on Great Ciucaru Plateau, 10 lei/ person, the route begins at City Hall Dubova, is easy to climb, it take only 15 minutes, then a walk on the plateau above Great Ciucaru to see the whole Bolers gorge – a stunning picture-trail is accompanied by a guide and lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Boat ride, visiting the cave, climbing on Great Ciucaru, fishing meal – 80 lei/person; you can unit all three variants with a specific region – lasting 5-6 hours and you can be guided by an english language guide.