Rajac Wine Cellars – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route:  Gastronomic Route

Name of the touristic attraction: Rajac Wine Cellars

Location: Negotin, Municipality of Negotin, Bor District, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia.

The wine cellars are located 24 km away from Negotin, and only 2 km from the nearby village of Rajac.

Description: Not far from Negotin, to the south, on the hill near the Timok River, two kilometers from the village of Rajac, there are the wine cellars. They were formed as a compact group that created a central square with an inscription as being a cult place where there once existed (now buried) a spring fountain. The winding, broken streets spread from the square. The group consists of about 270 independent wine cellars, mostly as individual buildings, but it frequently occurred that the two or three or four of them shared the same roof. They were mainly built out of cut stone, logs or beams, with thick walls often thicker than 60 cm and covered with tiles at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century, at the place where they existed since the late 18th century. They were used for grape processing and storing wine. They were partly buried to the ground, with two opposite entrances on two levels or with a window in those that did not have the second door through which a wooden gutter called “gurma” was placed and served for “pouring” grapes in the cask. The oldest cellars were built by masters from the south, mainly from Macedonia. Some hosts put effort in rearranging some of the wine cellars in a modern, functional space, keeping the specific ambience. They offered this space to the tourists visiting the cellars enabling them to taste and buy wine, but also to try traditional cuisine of this region, and in some cellars they could also spend the night.

Legend / Story / Impressions / Recommendations: In the vicinity of Rajac wine cellars there is an old cemetery dating back to the first half of the 19th century. This necropolis is characterized by monuments in the form of a “stela” richly ornamented in bas relief by geometric ornaments, old iconic symbols of the sun, moon, stars and cross, frequently ornamented with the symbol of the swastika. Tombstones in the form of distaff are ornamentally decorated with more complex clean-cut crosses. They are mostly made of sandstone by carving technique.

Conditions: The wine cellars can be reached on foot, by bike, by car or by bus.

Information and contacts:


Tourism Organization of Negotin Municipality

Address: Kraljevica Marka 6, 19300 Negotin

Tel: +381 19547555

Web: www.toon.org.rs

E-mail: toonegotin@gmail.com

Route close to other thematic routes: At 24 km away from Rajac wine cellars there are: the central building of the Museum of Krajina, The Memorial House of  Stevan Mokranjac, Haiduk Veljko’s Museum, The old church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin, The Holy Trinity Church, the powder mill (the only remnant of the fortress Baba Finka). At 25 km away from Negotin there is the Archaeological Site Vrelo-Sarkamen and at about 7 km from Rajac wine cellars there are Rogljevo wine cellars.

Other useful information: The area of the Municipality Negotin is linked by a whole range of transport network with the Danube and Corridor 10 and the international border crossings with Romania and Bulgaria.  

Via Djerdap main road, this area is linked to the regional roads: Negotin-Donji Milanovac and Negotin-Kladovo. The network and the quality of the local roads at the territory of Negotin municipality is at satisfactory level.

One can reach Negotin from Belgrade via the international road E 75 through Paracin (300 km), Smederevo, Pozarevac and Majdanpek (290 km), or on the Danube main road, via Donji Milanovac (250 km). The distance from Nis is 150 km, from Zajecar-57 km. The nearest town is  Vidin in Bulgaria-55km and the nearest city in Romania is Turnu Severin-80 km.

GPS coordinates: lat/ long: 44.097764, 22.549488