Vînju-Mare Winery – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: Gastronomic Route

Name of Tourist Attraction: Vînju-Mare Winery

Location: Unirii street, no. 2, Vânju Mare, Mehedinţi county, cod 225400

Description: In 2001, 240 ha of vineyard plantations from Plaiurile Drâncei vineyard were purchased by Romanian shareholders who saw this wine-growing zone as “The land of red wines in Romania and not only”. The goal was to preserve this natural wealth that makes it possible to obtain the highest quality red wines.  The winemaking center in Vînju Mare was purchased together with the land. The center has been renovated and modernized with automated machinery that allows the processing of grapes, wine production and preservation under the conditions of international quality standards. At present, the activity is carried out in three directions: growing grapes, producing wines and selling them. The wines produced here are made only from grapes carefully cultivated and selected in the four own farms: Oreviţa, Bucura, Nicolae Bălcescu and Poroiniţa and are marketed through its own retail network as well as through important specialized distributors and retailers. Among the most famous varieties of wines produced here are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Fetească Neagră, Tămâioasă Românească and Rose “The Wine of the Prince”. In order to preserve and carry on the good tradition of special wines obtained from both domestic and international varieties, Vie Vin Vînju Mare carried out during the period 2007-2013 a conversion / restructuring program for the replanting of 225 hectares. The grape varieties on the plantation have been fully harvested since 2016 and are both native varieties such as Feteasca Neagra, Feteasca Regala, Tămâioasa Româneasca and international such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Italian Riesling and Chardonnay.

The Story of Vînju Mare Wine Region

The vineyard culture on this territory is historically proven due to the archaeological discoveries that show the existence of vine plantations ever since the years 1000 to 700 BC. when these lands were inhabited by the Scythians and hunters. In the time of the Geto-Dacians the vine culture was so extensive that the wine produced was one of the main products of exchange with the neighboring peoples. These aspects are also highlighted on Traian’s column, as well as on the beaten medal of the Romanians after the conquest of Dacia, named Dacia Felix, presenting a woman sitting on a rock and two children offering her herbs of wheat and grapes. There are legends that say that by working on the harvesting of the vineyards and the preparation of wine, tasting more than was allowed from the richness of the fruit, the monks would exclaim “O rea viță! (A bad vine)” Giving the name of OREVIŢA.  Vineyards Oreviţa and Goleul Drâncei appear in the Agricultural Monograph of Mehedinţi County in 1868, which shows that out of the 6700 ha viticultural area existing in Mehedinţi County, 1500 ha were only in Oreviţa. The varieties used for red wines were Black Vartos and Black Moale and Feteasca Albă, Tămâioasă, Berbecel, Băşicată for white wines. Ion C. Giurescu stated in 1937, about the red wines of these lands that they are so thick that you can carry them in a handkerchief. Vânju Mare Oreviţa wine-growing zone is part of the wine region of the Hills of Wallachia and Oltenia and is situated in Mehedinţi County, between the 44-45 parallel, considered the golden parallel of the wine. The area Vânju Mare Oreviţa bottles annually approx. 600,000 liters. Among the most famous wine brands are Prince Vlad, Vînju Mare Domains, 5 Motives, BIB house wine, and the cultivated grape varieties are Sauvignon Blanc, Fetească Regală, Tămâioasă Românească, Chardonnay, Riesling Italian, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Black Fetească , Pinot Noir, Shyraz, Merlot.

Over the years, the outstanding quality of the wines obtained in these vineyards has been confirmed by the many distinctions since the Bordeaux Economic Exhibition of 1898 – Golden Medal, the Honorary Diploma for Red Wines of Oreviţa and the Gullet of Dragon.

Visiting conditions:

Time schedule:

Monday-Friday: 07:30-24:00

Saturday: 08:00-20:00

Sunday: Closed

For visiting, programming is required with at least 5 working days in advance.

Tasting 4 bottled wines and a snack: a group of minimum 10 people: 25 lei / person.

Tasting hall capacity: maximum 25 people

Possibility to organize a meal consisting of 2 dishes with traditional products: 50 lei / person (tasting + meal). In this case, the wines consumed during the meal will be paid separately.

Possibility to buy wine from the wine cellar

Possibility to visit the wine cellar and the vineyard

The nearest accommodation is about 35 km away, in Drobeta Turnu Severin:

Clipa Hotel: +40352 401 723

Continental Hotel: +40372 528 828

Traian Hotel: +40252 311 760

Wine Cellar Contact: +4 0252  350 547

Mariana Girnita – Marketing Director

Phone: + 40 231 409 154, +40 745 505 371, mariana.girnita@vvm.ro

Ștefan Anghelina – Sales Director

Phone: +40 749 778 523;  stefan.anghelina@vvm.ro

e-mail: office@vvm.ro

website: www.vvm.ro

Route closed to other thematic routes:

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  • Vine and Wine Festival – September – October, in Vânju Mare.

GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.4194596, 22.8763223