Oprișor Winery – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: Gastronomic Route

The Name of Tourist Attraction: Oprișor Winery

Location: DJ 563, 227335, România, Oprișor Commune, Mehedinți county, 227335

Description: Oprișor is a benchmark on the map of the top quality red wine producers. The area of Oprişor is very good for red wines, from all points of view. Strong, well-structured, balanced red wines. “Blue blood” wines, as one of the best oenologists in Romania, Veronica Gheorghiu says. At Cetate, Caloian, Hummingbird, Fragmentary, Passarovitz or Cabernet Oprişor are some of the wines of Crama Oprişor, which made this producer famous and at the same time managed to set certain standards regarding the taste of consumers.

LA CETATE is not just one of the brands that have written history in the revival of Romanian wine. For Oprişor Winery, LA CETATE was the first line of premium wines, made with carefulness and meticulosity, that brought excellent results from the first year of production.

Since 2001, Oprişor wine cellar has succeeded in imposing itself both on the domestic and international market, as one of the premium producers.

With 252 hectares of planted vineyards, about 1 million bottles of wine bottled annually, a team of well-trained specialists and well-thought-out marketing campaigns, Oprişor is today a strong name on the wine market.

At Oprişor, the plantations of vineyards, today offer a picture taken from films. The rows of noble varieties, perched on the hills, in perfect symmetry, show the traveler through these areas that in Romania as well people can work with German precision. At the wine cellar, things give the same picture, whether you are talking about the primary winery, the wine-brewing room at the baric – where oak wood imparts a special flavor to certain varieties of wine that is suitable for maturation – or the bottling section of the finished product. The proof of the quality of the wines produced at Oprişor is the numerous prizes and medals obtained so far.

Legend / Story / Impressions / Recommendations:

The Story of Oprișor Winery:

At Oprisor, vines cultivation is a tradition of hundreds of years old. The climate and soil beneficial to vines have allowed the perpetuation and at present the developing of the viticulture.

The first documents attesting the location of the Oprişor Winery are those of I.C. Filitti.

The most well-known landowner on the Drincey Valley is Neagoe Strahianul.

The notes after 1688 describe the interest shown by Constantin Brâncoveanu for the lands of Oprişor, lands that were known for the production of the best quality wine. His concern to perpetuate his descendants’ legacy over these vast estates that brought him fabulous income leads him on August 13, 1708, to issue a document in which he gave to his son Matei Brancoveanu a part of the estate.

Other mentions about the wines produced at Oprisor appear during the 1907 Uprising, when the rebellious peasants devastated Beila’s cellar, a cellar that was said to contain 30-year-old wines.

The German company Reh Kendermann, who decided to make investments on the left bank of the Drincei Valley, on the remains of a wine cellar built around the 1970s, offered a new beginning identity to this area.

The company is founded on the history of the Carl Reh family. In the ’90s, Reh Kendermann is recognized as the most prestigious wine exporter in Germany. In August 1994, the German company Reh Kendermann registers Carl Reh Trading in Romania. The purpose of setting up the company was to select Romanian wines for marketing them on the foreign market.

In 1997, the company decides to produce its own wines in Romania, settling in Oprişor. In 2000, Carl Reh Winery takes over the wine cellar from Oprișor. 250 hectares of vine are planted. In 2001, Carl Reh Winery launches VAL DUNA and LA CETATE wines on the Romanian market. It was only the beginning of a beautiful period for the Oprisor region, a rebirth of a tradition that must be preserved and perpetuated.


Farm and Winery tour, tasting 9 wines – 2 Măiastru + 3 Caloian + 4 La Cetate and a bottle of Caloian / person as a gift                                                       50.0 lei /(12.0 euro)

Farm and Winery tour, tasting 11 vinuri – 2 Măiastru + 3 Caloian + 4 La Cetate + 2 High Premium and a bottle of Caloian / person as a gift                  75.0 lei /(17.0 euro)

Tasting is accompanied by light meals, cold snacks, cheeses, carmangerie.

Information and Contact:


Phone: +4 021 252 49 62/63/66; +4 0748 883 335

E-mail: office@crama-oprisor.ro

Website: www.crama-oprisor.ro

Reservation in advance, at least 15 days before the visit. Visits can be made individually or in groups of up to 20 people.

Program: Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00

Wifi: Yes

Payment cash, in Ron.

Payment with card: No

Prices include VAT

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 GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.2955765, 23.0389083