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Eșelnița Village – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Eselnita is a village in the western part of the county, on 57 Route. The village is located on the Danube river, 7 km from Orsova, at the confluence with the same named river.

On February 25, 1484 is first mentioned in an act by which Matei Corvin donates to Jacob Garlisteanu a series of estates, including Eselnița. Until 1966 the village was named Ieselnița.

Eselnița village quite new as a settlement, revived after 1967-1970 displacement, when the old village was moved due the Iron Gate construction.
Nowadays Eselnița village is located in the depression formed by Eselnița river and bordered by hills, continuing south to the gulf formed by the confluence between Eselnița river and Danube and west until Small Danube Gorge – Mraconia area.

Eselnița is a tourist destination rated very highly, mainly due to the geographical position of the village, at the gateway to wonderful area Danube Gorges that harmoniously mixes all forms of relief, the immensity of water surface bordered by low hills, the narrowness of the Danube at Danube Gorges bordered by mountains and, most of all, air and environment quality due to drainage area and forests.

The main activities are farming, rearing animals, fishing in private households.

Events, known throughout the south-west of the country for the beauty and ampleness, are in July 20-21 for Saint Elias and 15-16 August for Virgin Mary.