Băluță Canyon – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Băluță Canyon is the only important and great canyon of Ponoarele Village, with a length of about 1 km. It is located near the Baluță Village, bordered by Cornetul Băluței and Raieni; the limestone wals heights between 300-400 m. Băluță is a link- canyon to the Bala resort. There are beautiful landscape to Mehedinți Mountains and even Godeanu if the sky is clear.

In 1967 there were filmed sequences for the romanian movie, Dacii.

Access is from Baia de Aramă, on DJ 670 west, around Monastery of the Holy Voivodes, to Ponoarele place, after overcoming it, continuing on DC 57 (southwest) about 2.5 km, to Băluță Village, continuing on DC 57, immediately after leaving the village, enter the canyon.

The keys has the aspect of a „canyon”, the main material beeing the limestone. It is a carst area that can be seen on nomerous grottos and Băluță Cave. The area is typical Mediterranean vegetation zone.

The area attarction is Băluță Cave. Access is on the right side of the road, from the canyon, right at the base of the rock. The cave is unvisited but with an overwhelming beauty. It has 248 m and was charted for the firs time by the speleologist Cristian Goran. It is split on two levels: the lower level is flooded and the higher level is of fossil type.