Lazar’s Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Caves Route

The name of the touristic attraction: Lazar’s Cave

Location: Bor Municipality, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia
Distance from Bor 20 and from the village of Zlot 3 kilometers.

Description: Lazar’s Cave is located within the boundaries of the area under the state protection. The protected area “The monument of nature -Lazar’s Canyon ” is of national interest of the 1st category and extends to about 1700 ha.

Cave Lazareva is a spring cave. Today’s entrance in the cave is at an altitude of 291 meters above sea level and occurred due to its underground river and its stream of currents, which after passing the deep limestone compositions, reach the surface. Today, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance in the cave, in the basin of the Lazarus River, water appears on the surface in a form of a strong karstic spring. The examined system of the cave consists of two horizons of cave channels: the older-dried fossils and the younger ones – the active fossils. The total length of the examined channels exceeds 10000 meters, with speleologists’ justified assumptions that it is indeed a much larger subordinate space. For tourist visits the are 900 meters arranged routes.

Legend / Story / Impressions /Recommendations: According to the legend, Lazareva cave was named after Prince Lazarus. After the Kosovo War, those left from the Serbian army, fleeing from the Turks, housed the cave. They lived here for a while and fed themselves, as is evident from the existence of the bones found all over the cave, with domestic animals. During the Turks, the cave was built in such way that the hoods or the refugees could not hide in there.

Conditions: The cave can be reached on foot, by bicycle or by car

Information and contact:

From the archaeological and speleological point of view, the cave is open to tourists from 1 May to 31 October, the visits being organized with the presence of a guide.

The manager of the Nature Park “Lazar’s Canyon”, within which Lazar Cave (Lazareva) is located, is PE “Srbijašume”, Belgrade, Forest Farm ‘’Timočke šume’’, Boljevac, Forest Administration Bor: tel: +381 30 423 173.

Every entry to the protected area must be reported to the controller or the area keeper.
Working time:
Everyday, except Tuesday, from 09:00 to 16:00.
Ticket price:
– 150,00 RSD for a group up to 10 visitors

– 100,00 RSD for a group of over 10 visitors
– 50,00 RSD for children aged 8-18 years

Tourist Organization Bor
Mose Pijade Street 19, 19210 Bor
Tel: +381 30 459 020
Tel / fax: +381 30 459 021

Route close to other thematic routes: In the vicinity of Lazar’s cave, there is the Lazar’s Canyon. Brestovacka Banja is 14 km away, Borsko Lake is 24 km and Crni vrh mountain 34 km away.

Other useful information: Bor is connected to a whole spectrum of traffic routes both with the Danube and Corridor 10 and also with the international roads to Romania and Bulgaria. Through the Djerdap highway, the area is linked to the regional roads: Bor-Donji Milanovac, Bor-Negotin-Kladovo and Bor-Pozarevac-Smederevo. The network and quality of local roads in Bor city are on a satisfactory level. Bor has an airport that allows creating  air traffic conditions.

GPS coordinate: lat, long: 44.02975, 21.9622778