The Catholic Cathedral in Orșova – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Cathedral is located in the central area of Orșova, near “1800 Square”, having a dominant position. The construction was done between 1972-1976, under the supervision of the architect Hans Hackelmann, during the service of minister Johann Marcovity.

The Patron of the Cathedral is “Immaculate Conception” and “The Ascension of the Holly Cross”. It is called an architectural masterpiece of the XXth century and at the same time it represents a unique page in the town’s history, the church being a communicating bridge between the minorities in Orșova (Germans, Czechs, and Hungarians). The religious service is being held in four languages: German, Czech, Hungarian and Romanian.

The Cathedral is unique in Europe, its specific elements being the pavilion shape of the interior and the roof that has the shape of a cross, representing a place of worshiping for all the believers in Orșova.
The construction of the cathedral was a curiosity, both by its nonconformist shape and by the years of construction (1972-1976), being the only catholic church built during the communist regime.

The Cathedral has an electronic pipe organ, but also an old mechanical pipe organ, used during the services and also during different concerts.
The paintings frieze located in the Cathedral, representing the Golgotha’s Calvary was painted by Gabriel Popa, in a modern way. Therefore, inside the Cathedral modern figures are painted in religious images: the Bolshevik reformer V.I.Lenin, the gymnast Nadia Comaneci, ex-Beatles John Lennon and the Romanian actors Florin Piersic and Ana Szeles. Thus, near Pontius Pilat appears Lenin that instigates the people against Jesus. In Gabriel Popa’s vision, John Lennon symbolizes the joy of Jesus resurrection. The Cross Road done in a modern way arose serious disputes, due to the fact that contemporaneous figures were painted.

The catholic cathedral in Orșova is one of the most important touristic objective in the Danube’s Gorges area.