The Memorial House of Stevan Mokranjac – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: The cultural heritage route

Name of the touristic attraction: The Memorial House of Stevan Mokranjac

Location: Negotin, Municipality of Negotin, Bor District, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia.

The building is located in the center of the town, address: Vojvode Misica No. 10

Description: The memorial house of Stevan Mokranjac was opened in 1964. The Museum exhibition is located on the first floor and is divided into four rooms that are interconnected. A large porch leads into the largest room in the house. There are boards on the walls presenting a short biography of the distinguished composer. Through the exposed documents, correspondence and personal items, one can see Mokranjac life and work, from the first day to the end of his life. His workspace is also presented in the same room.  It has been reconstructed with the original furniture and personal things belonging to the composer. There are, among them, Mokranjac’s desk, with a silver inkwell and a pen, a straight-backed chair, a coffee table with accessories for smoking, a piano that belonged to the first Serbian music school, a wooden carved chair that was made by Marija Mokranjac, a lira, a headlight, as well as the family portraits of Stevan Mokranjac and his wife, painted by Uros Predic.

In the second part of the house there is the so called “odzaklija” or the fireplace, a place from where the house was heated and which was used to prepare the food. Around the fireplace, there are copper pans, a cupboard on the wall for storing the food, two wooden chairs and a clothes hanger. The room which is located in the eastern part of the house is a dining-room; there the visitors can see some of the authentic items such as: the icon of St. Nicholas from the 19th century – the work of Uros Predic, a silver oil lamp, a brass samovar, which was brought from Russia by Mokranjac, a carved-wood dresser and a clock. Other exhibits in this room were donated to the Museum by rich families from Negotin of the 19th century. A dining cupboard, a table, four chairs, a silverware, dishes, etc. are also exhibited there. The other room, in the western part of the house, is designed in environmental style and represents the lounge with a piano. There you can see Mokranjac’s piano, two carved-wooden chairs – carved by Mica Mokranjac, a coffee table incrusted with pearls, brought by the hosting choir in Constantinople. The family photos are exhibited on the wall. In the center of the room there is a wooden table with chairs made of rattan.  There is a round brass tray with small oriental cups for black coffee on the table. In addition to these original objects in this room there are also: a wooden cabinet, a metal bed covered with rugs from Pirot, sitting furniture – a sofa and two armchairs.

In front of the house there is a bronze sculpture of Stevan Mokranjac, made by Nebojsa Mitric in 1980.

Conditions: The Museum can be reached on foot, by bike, by car or by bus.

Information and contacts:

 Visiting hours:

Monday to Friday from 08 to 15 and by prior arrangement.

– During the excursion season, from April to June and from September to October, the Museum is open on weekdays from 08 to18, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 16.

Ticket price:

The ticket price for visiting the Memorial Hhouse of Stevan Mokranjac is 200,00 din.

If the visitors, besides visiting the Memorial House, also wish to visit the central building of the Museum of Krajina and Haiduk Veljko’s Museum, the price is 300,00 din.

The price is the same for both individual and group visits.


Museum Stevan Mokranjac

Address: Vojvode Misica 10, 19300 Negotin, Serbia.

Tel: +381 19 545 072; +381 19 543341



Route close to other thematic routes: near the Memorial House of Stevan Mokranjac there are: the central building of the Museum of Krajina, Haiduk Veljko’s Museum, The old church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin, The Holy Trinity Church, The powder mill (the only remnant of the fortress Baba Finka). At 25 km away from Negotin there is the archaeological site Vrelo-Sarkamen. Bukovo Monastery is in the vicinity of the town. At 40 km away from Negotin there is Vratna Monastery and at about 20 km from the town there are the wine cellars of Rajac and Rogljevo.

Other useful information: The area of the municipality Negotin is linked by a whole range of transport network with the Danube and Corridor 10 and international border crossings with Romania and Bulgaria.  

Via Djerdap main road, this area is linked to the regional roads: Negotin-Donji Milanovac and Negotin-Kladovo. The network and the quality of the local roads at the territory of Negotin municipality is at satisfactory level.

One can reach Negotin from Belgrade via the international road E 75, through Paracin (300 km), Smederevo, Pozarevac and Majdanpek (290 km), or via the Danube main road, through Donji Milanovac (250 km). The distance from Nis is 150 km, from Zajecar-57km. The nearest town is Vidin in Bulgaria-55 km and the nearest city from Romania is Turnu Severin 80 kilometers.

GPS coordinates: 44.225520, 22.530499