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Hunting Association “Ključ” Kladovo – Kladovo – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

The name of the attraction: Hunting Association “Ključ” Kladovo – Kladovo

Location: The headquarters of the Hunting Association “Ključ” Kladovo is in Đerdapski put bb, Bor District, 19 320, Kladovo Municipality.

Description: HA “Ključ” Kladovo, established on 31st August  1898, runs the hunting ground “Ključ” with a total area of ​​22 280 ha. The hunting area covers 18 918 ha. In the hunting ground there are a series of game species that are kept constantly, such as: deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant and field partridge. The hunting ground has several hunting facilities: 25 stable watchtowers, 50 watchtowers on trees, 2 feeding grounds for deer game, 20 feeding grounds for pheasants and partridges and 20 solitary points. The association has a pavilion, a hunting house with a useful area of ​​50 m2 and 3.5 ha of land.
The professional service has a hunting manager and a game warden.
The Hunting Association “Ključ” has 200 active members. In spite of the tradition, hunting tourism is still developing in Kladovo area, where “Kljuc” Hunting Association is based.

Information & Contacts:
Hunting Association”Ključ”: Phone + 381 19 807 556

President of Hunting Association “Ključ” Kladovo: Mirko Skrlatovic: Phone: +381 62 427 617

Hunting Manager “Kljuc” Klodovo: Mihajlo Dronjak: Phone: +381 63 829 0015

Close to other thematic tourist routes:
– National Park “Djerdap” and the area managed by PE “Srbijašume”

Other useful information:
With a tradition of more than one century, Hunting Association “Ključ” Kladovo is one of the oldest in Timočka and Negotinska Krajina. It has 230 standing and even many more honorable members, who have gone through the eighth decade of their life. The association has younger and few women who are hunting more for hobby and sports.