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Rajko’s Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Caves route

Name of the touristic attraction: Rajko’s Cave

Location: Municipality Majdanpek, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Repulic of Serbia. Rajko’s Cave is located 2,5 km from Majdanpek, and 33 km away from Donji Milanovac by old road or 54,7 by new road. Also, it is 200 km away from Belgrade.

Description: It belongs to a group of river caves, through which flows Rajkova and Todorova rivers. In the cave there are two horizons (dry and river) that are connected and arranged for visitors in the length of 1,400 meters. In the cave there is a constant temperature of 8 ℃, and the humidity is 100%.

Legend / Story / Impression / Recommendation: The Rajko’s Cave could be visited only with licensed guides. The legend says that the hajduk Rajko worked as the owner of a tavern during the day and at night robbed the wealthy travellers and this is how he got to hide the goods he obtained through robbery in this cave. For a long time, the locals tried to find the hidden treasure, which no one has ever found.

Conditions: The asphalted road leads to the cave and it can be reached by hiking, cycling, by car or by bus. The parking place is 200 meters away from the cave entrance.

Information: The cave is open for visitors every day, but it is necessary to make announcement by phone or e-mail, for the organized entry in the cave. The entrance fee id 300 dinars.

Contacts: Tourist Organization of Municipality Majdanpek

Office Donji Milanovac:



Tourist Info centre Donji Milanovac:



Office Majdanpek:


mob. +381(0)668006576


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In the surrounding area there is the Church of Saint Apostolos Peter and Paul in Majdanpek, and also nature stone bridge Valja Prerast.

Other useful information:

Majdanpek can be reached by main road Pozarevac – Negotin, and from Majdanpek to the cave you can walk, ride a bicycle, or by car. In Majdanpek there is hotel for accommodation and in the restaurants, you can try local specialities.

GPS coordinates: 44.441378, 21.953112