Gradasnica Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Caves route

Name of the attraction: Gradasnica Cave

Location: Miroc Mountain, Municipality Majdanpek, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia.


Cave Gradašnica is located at an altitude of 380 m and is a monument of nature with a river basin of the same name. There are different types of birds and bats in the cave entrance. The cave’s length is 520 m and through it the water flow of the river passes.

Legend / Story / Impression / Recommendation:

The cave is located at the foot of Mount Miroč, which for centuries has been the foothold of various armies since the Roman period until the Second World War. An ancient Roman road built in the 1st century goes by the cave, so the whole area is interesting for the treasure hunters. It is assumed that the cave and the river that originated from it were named after the fortress Gradac which was located at the mouth of the Poreč river to the Danube.


The cave can be reached by hiking or bicycles. From the main road to the village of Miroč, there is turn on a marked pedestrian path that leads to the cave.


The cave is in the Đerdap (Iron Gate) National Park on the Miroč mountain and it can be reached along the marked hiking trail. A cave tour is possible with the escort of rangers from the National Park Djerdap.


National Park Đerdap (Iron Gate)

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Near the cave Gradašnica, there are several more explored and unexplored caves that tourists can visit and the village of Miroč on the Miroč mountain. Also, Miroč Mountain is very well known for bountiful nature and for hunting.

Other useful information

In the vicinity there is the village of Miroč, which can be reached easily and in some of the restaurants try some local specialties, of which the most famous is the Miroc lamb or the meat of the game, or boiled cheese. And on 15 kilometers there is Donji Milanovac where you can provide accommodation and, in the restaurants, try some local specialties.

GPS coordinates

44.481616,  22.241447