Study on the status of protected areas and wetlands along the Danube River on the territory of Mehedinţi County – “Plums for Junk” Project – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Study of the protected areas (Mehedinti)

The Study refers to life at the Danube banks, identifying problems and offering solutions. The territorial scope of the study includes wetlands, protected areas and Natura 2000 sites along the Danube in Mehedinti county. Special attention is  paid to endangered plant and animal species along the Danube.

The study includes the basic geographic, physical and environmental characteristics, conservation significance, threats and trends, economic potential and characteristic of the flora and fauna.

The Study also includes measures for the protection, maintenance and restoration of wetlands in the region along the Danube, measures for the protection, maintenance and restoration of individual protected areas Natura 2000 or general guidelines for monitoring the status of wetlands and protected areas Natura 2000.

A separate part of the study is devoted to the presentation of good European practices for management of wetlands and protected areas Natura 2000 and to presentation of European examples of innovations to protect and conservation of ecosystems.

The Study also presents a detailed map of the wetlands, protected areas and NATURA 2000 sites in Mehedinti county. On this map are marked and described the polluted areas and places with ecological misbalance. Picture material from those places are attached to the study.

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